Monday, April 4, 2011

When you're rich you're rich!

Our friend Claude was here a couple weekends ago and we were talking about some recent home purchases that our families had made.  He was saying that he was excited because he'd just purchased a refrigerator with an ice maker on the door for his wife, and he'd always thought "That's when you know you're rich.  When you can get ice out of the fridge door anytime you want."  Then I told him that I think if you have an iphone (which means you could afford the actual phone, and the internet plan) then you must be rich.  Claude looked at his iphone and laughed.
A couple days later I was retelling this story to Ranel Wallace (who also happens to have an iphone) and she said "Todd always says if you can choose what you eat every day, then you are rich." Well now, I can't argue that.

So here's to choosing what I eat every day!


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