Friday, April 1, 2011

TICLW Early Spring 2011

A friend recently suggested that it was time for another "things I can't live without" blog.  I think this friend was being sarcastic because it was the same friend that said my blog was Void of all pretense, but I decided he was right.  It certainly IS time!
Here are things I couldn't live with out in past posts.  Right here at your finger tips for easy reference. 

Now that you probably spent a good half of your free internet cruising around time looking at that, I bring you EARLY SPRING 2010 - Things I can't live without!

The Ninja
Have I told you about the Ninja?  I use it almost every day.  I keep promising to post specifically on the Ninja and all it does, but that will still have to wait.  Let me just say this now, it's like a Magic Bullet (which I WAS a huge fan of until it crapped out on me after 2 years of continual use), but it's a little bigger and WAY better.  The "through out" blade system makes it.  I use it to make smoothies A LOT.  And this thing can blend ice cubes like no ones business.  Also used it for Salsa, and to mix cupcake mix.  Just wait... there will be more to come. 

I had the start of a sore throat one day and my friend Laura talked me into putting a couple drops of Melaleuca tea tree oil down my throat.  And guess what?  My throat got better!  So I ordered some and we've been using it on cuts, zits, sore throats, canker soars, dry skin and this weird bump/sore thing I've had on my arm for months - makes it all better!  And this was one sick sore.  It looked like a cigarette burn but it just never went away!  Gone!  

Homemade Granola Bars and This Blog
This was one thing I never pictured myself doing.  Making granola bars.  Who am I?  A freaking flower child??  No.  I'm not.  Don't be mislead by my post here - I still don't really care about organic, or recycling, or going green.  But boy, these are good!  And easy!  

Apple TV
We have had Netflix for a while.  Love. It.  But just recently we got this.  The short of it is that you hook it up to your tv and it picks up your wireless signal and puts netflix on your TV.  Then you just sit back and use the little remote to scan through every movie in the world from your couch.  Travis said it's like a virtual movie store - he LOVES it.  It's been really awesome to use lately since we've been hooked on LOST like no one's business. I still don't think we even know the full potential of we we could be able to do with this little guy. 

Starbucks Coffee Grounds
In an attempt to save some cash, I purchased some Walmart coffee grounds one day.  Bad choice.  I just started drinking coffee in the last year and let me tell you - there is definitely a difference between good and bad coffee... and when you're only brewing 3 cups a day, it's well worth the "splurge" to get good stuff.  I like the Itilian blend from Starbucks a lot.  And a bonus - take the empty bag in to Starbucks for a free cup of coffee!


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