Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Official Apology to all the Party People at Bandshell Park

I'll get to the apology in a minute -
I had plans today to get things done.  To take on the world.  Just me and Savannah.
We've been working on potty training for a while, so when Savannah insisted on wearing underwear out today instead of a pull up, I thought maybe today would be the day.  But, knowing my daughter, I thew an extra pair of pants and a plastic bag in the car just incase.

Side Track #1 We went to leave the house and a garbage man (weird, right?) ran up to my car to tell me I had a totally flat tire.  I was thankful, and did what any 29 year old married mother would do - I called my daddy to come help me.  He came to the rescue with a can of fix-a-flat and I took the car to the shop to get the tire patched up.  The process took about 45 minutes out of my planned day, but oh well.  No big deal.

Side Track #2 We did go to the park with some friends and about 3 minutes after I reminded Savannah that she had underwear on, not a diaper, I spotted her sitting on the other side of the play ground with no pants and no shoes.  She yelled over to me "Hey Mommy, I peed my pants!".  So I went and got her dry pants and put them on her.  Chances of it happening twice in a row aren't likely, right?

Side Track #3 While I was packing up to go, I noticed that she had kind of disappeared onto the play ground.  I figured she was hiding because she didn't want to go.  As I walked over to where I thought she was another mom said to me "i think your little girl went to the bathroom over there".  I said "oh, well, I guess that's the second time she peed her pants today".  Nope.  She had pooped her pants, taken them off, then wiped herself and her pants on her legs and on the play ground.  ANNND I didnt have any wipes, so we had to go the park bathroom and wash her entire body with cold water and wet toilet paper.  Then we brought a ton of wet tp over to the playground and I worked at cleaning it up while I sent her around to tell the other kids "Sorry I pooped on the play ground".  So, incase we missed you, Sorry we got poop all over the play ground at Bandshell Park today.  I think it's all cleaned up, but we can hope for a good rain. :)

Side Track #4 While cleaning up the poo poo, I had an issue with an unmentionable health issue.  Nothing to worry about, but figures it would happen in the middle of all this.

So - how do I plan to make lemonade out of this?  How will I rejoice in the Lord always?  How will I uncover the secret to contentment in a flat tire, two changes of pants, wet tp all over my hands, and a body issue?  Well... I dont know. I just know that God is good, and despite it all I am choosing to be thankful for what I have and choosing to move on.  I mean, it's funny, right?



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