Saturday, May 14, 2011

Fishing with Savannah

We took Savannah fishing last weekend for the first time.  
She picked out this Barbie fishing pole at WalMart and my dad was pretty excited to get it for her and get her started.  We took her to a private lake that is owned by some people my dad worked for.  It's a stocked pond so the fishing was pretty easy! We literally caught 30 fish in less than an hour. 
Here's Savannah with her first fish.  It was pretty fun that she only had to wait about 2 minutes to catch it, but that probably ruined her for any future fishing. 

Savannah was not at all afraid to touch the fish.  In fact, she even helped take them all from the bucket to the table when it came time to clean them.

Dad got some time in on the Barbie pole too!  I like how you can tell he's kind of fighting the fish in this picture.

And of course you can't clean a fish if you don't have a ball gown and glass slippers on first!


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