Tuesday, May 31, 2011

An Oklahoma Adventure

This weekend we headed back down to the rough country, Travis' old stomping grounds, and the home of a music festival called "ROCKLAHOMA".  Yeah - you read it right.  :)

The trip down used to take us 6 1/2 hours when it was just Travis and I, but with the lovely Savannah it now takes us closer to 9.  It's okay - having her around is worth it I guess.  She's a pretty good traveler.  She pretty much watches movies the entire trip.  One time I tried to be a good momma, like my sister in law, and play games and sing and talk to her - that lasted about a half hour and we were both bored.  So we just do brain dead movie watching for the 9 hours.

This trip was a little different than the last trips because the purpose of this trip was to spend one last hurrah with Travis' twin brother Greg and his family before they head off to another country for the next 4 years.  Greg and Shannon got married 3 months before we did, so except for the one year they lived in India before (which was pre-children) we have spent a lot of time on holidays and family visits with them.  They have 2 daughters (2 and 4 years) that Savannah loves.  We love them, and we will really miss getting to be with them!

We got to take everyone to the Tulsa Zoo this time.  The Zoo in Des Moines is ... well.... L.A.M.E.  It's all we have though.  We really like the Tulsa Zoo.  The Omaha Zoo is probably the best Zoo I've been to, but  it is REALLY big - the Tulsa Zoo isn't as cool, but it's a little more manageable with small kiddos.

 Okay, so obviously the animals we're as cool to the kids as all the stuff to crawl on and jump off of....

Saturday night all the kids went home to Pryor with Grammy and Poppy and Aunt Sis, while we stayed in Tulsa with Greg and Shannon.  We all took showers, then went out to eat dinner at a cool burger bar down town.  Then we walked the streets of Tulsa...for about 30 minutes.  Shannon was dieing to go to a night club, I wanted to check out this bocce ball bar, but the boys opted for going back to the house and smoking pipes in the yard while Shannon and I competed for who can do the best cartwheel.

Sunday we went to Pryor for what I call Gann Fest - Travis' Aunt, Uncle, Cousins, and kids came over for some good old Oklahoma KFC, beans, coleslaw and pie.  After lunch we took the girls out to run in the sprinkler, which turned into water fight, we turned into car wash.  It was super fun to hang outside with my sister in law and the girls.  Did I mention that we'll miss them?

Here's a couple funny things from Oklahoma:
- Travis " Hey mom, remember when that turtle bit my finger at the turtle races at the Library?"
- We saw a Walker sale in some people's yard - over 100 walkers, like for old people, out in the yard.
- FOUND TWO PLAY GROUNDS IN KANSAS CITY! This is a huge deal because usually by KC Savannah is just about finished with being in the car.  We usually stop and let her run around a McDonalds for about an hour, but this time we spotted 1. a Sonic with an outdoor play ground and 2. a Chick-fa-la with an indoor play ground!  Woop it up!  :)


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