Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A turtle named Sleeping Beauty

In the back roads of Oklahoma, turtles are a dime a dozen.  Travis asked his dad to find a turtle for Savannah to bring home.  I guess he figured it was time for her to start the whole picking up stray animals thing.  

On the way home the dumb thing escaped from it's box 4 times!  It's a fast and driven little guy!

Savannah finally named it, Sleeping Beauty.  Travis hates the name.  He also hates the fact that we painted it today with glittery finger nail polish :)  Guess it doesn't live up to the Ninja reputation he was hoping for.

Savannah loves having it around.  We'll probably keep it for as long as we can.  She shows everyone that comes by.  My sister in law said that turtles are the number one source of Salmonella in children - Yaaay!  I'm soo excited!


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