Sunday, May 15, 2011

My Father serves My Father

Tonight Cornerstone hosted the first ever Member's Banquet.  Travis and I got to go super early and help with check in since I'm on staff and they wanted all the work to be done by staff.  It was actually pretty fun to talk to so many people from our church that I didn't know - or to put faces to names I'd been hearing for years.

After dinner there was a short presentation given by our two head pastors, Troy and Jeff.  They kind of work as a comedy duo when you get them sitting next to one another on stage.  They went through some of the high lights from each of the many ministries at our church and even highlighted a few "Super Volunteers" from each ministry.  Well - wouldn't you know it - one of those Super Volunteers was MY DAD!  Travis and I found out about 15 minutes before the banquet that they would be honoring him tonight and we kept it a secret.  Not even my mom knew until she saw a little blurb about him written in the program. It talked about all the volunteer work he's done in crafting things for different ministries and all the painting and work he's done on the building. She kept it a secret from him though until they called him to the stage.  He said that he thought he was going to have a heart attack when they called him up.  Anyway, they gave him a little plaque with a little hammer on it that reads " Servant", which he is.

Here he is on stage receiving his "award". 

This is a picture of the worship at the end of the night.  I just love the music at our church. 

Here's my dad with a good friend of ours, Tyler Farner, who also happens to be an Elder at our church.  Tyler was one of the first people at Cornerstone that knew my dad, so he was pretty excited about the whole deal. 

We love my dad so much and we are so proud of him!  Apparently we are not alone in that.


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