Monday, May 23, 2011

Three is the new best!

Here's the Savannah Birthday update that all you cross-country readers have been waiting for! 
Yes, on Saturday my little baby turned 3!  Yes, it was awesome. 

We got up bright and early at 7am.  Travis and I had to actually talk Savannah into being excited about her birthday.  She was kind of nervous about turning three I think since we'd been building it up for a while. But when she saw the pink Birthday dress Travis had gotten her, that all changed. 
We headed down stairs for the moment we'd been talking about for almost 2 years - having gum!  At some point I told Savannah she couldn't have it until she was 3 just to put it off a while, and here we are. She was SO excited.  We prepped her to spit it out and not swallow it, but still she swallowed the first and third pieces she had. Takes some getting used to I guess. 

I had a friend of mine help me make her owl Birthday cake last year, so I got brave this year and went for it alone!  A pink princess castle cake.  I just googled "simple castle cakes" and looked at some pictures - then I took all the best and easiest ideas and made this cake.  It was actually pretty easy.  There's at least 7 sticks of butter and at least 8 cups of powdered sugar on this puppy!

We decided to have just a little girl's party so that we could make it princessy and not have to worry about boys - this turned out to be a really fun thing.  Most of Savannah's friends have brothers so she doesn't too often get to play with a bunch of girls in dresses.  We played a new version of an old game.  The old game (my dad made up for my 5th Birthday) was "Throw water balloons at the dad" (self explanatory) - the new game : Silly String the dad!!!  Rules: Dad has to stand still while kids spray him.

Here's Travis with all the little girls.  They want to know just as much as we do - what is he doing?

Here's the kiddos getting into the cake.  Savannah could not wait to blow out the candles and finally eat it.

You can see her excitement as we sang to her in this one.

Nattie Larson has baby sat Savannah since Sav was born pretty much.  And she's attended all 3 of her Birthday parties.  Here she is showing her favorite page in a book Savannah got.  Wouldnt be a Birthday with out Nattie.

Savannah had to immediately try on all the new clothes she got.  This shirt was kinda complicated though.  Took my dad, then Travis, then Jasey to finally get it on her.  Cute though!

Savannah: "I'm sooo excited!" Me: "What is it?" Sav: "I dont know!!!" (It was a movie)

After presents and cake we paraded everyone to my parent's house - about 4 blocks away - to play on the new fort/play ground thing my dad built.  It was actually really fun to walk them all around all hyped up on Birthday!  We might have an annual Birthday parade.  Maybe throw some candy next year.

Here's the fort deal - more on that in another post.

Of course Grammy and Poppy also made it down for the big day!

This pretty much wraps it up - She's 3.  She's classy.  She's sassy.

After her late afternoon nap Savannah got super attitude.  It was cute and we let it fly because it was her Birthday and all.  I just thought this picture was excellent because it totally told the picture of the rest of the day.

Thanks to everyone who made her 3 year old Birthday super super fun!  



i absolutely love how many outfit changes this girl makes in a day. happy birthday savannah!

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