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THIS is my life. It's real.

So, i've been debating posting this stuff because I'm afraid of being judged. After my post about Savannah at the playground (here, incase you missed it), I got a lot of laughs...but I have been surprised by how few people have related to my situation.  Come on people - doesn't anyone else go through this stuff?  I haven't had ONE person combat my story with "oh yea, one time when timmy was little he....." Just lots of laughing at OUR situation.  Which really, I'm fine with.  Let's face it, if you can't laugh at yourself and let other people laugh with you, then how can you really enjoy your life?  Besides, this story telling is really more about me just blogging it out.  So, here is more adventures in potty training:

Let me say, Savannah is successfully wearing underwear pretty much all the time now, excluding over night.  And MOST of the time, she's stays totally clean and dry.  But the times she has accidents always turn into big incidents.  In just the last week,
-  We were at Target shopping when Savannah got a crazy look in her eye and started running toward the fitting rooms saying "I have to pee pee!".  The signs on the fitting rooms there look like mens/women's bathroom signs, so I see why she was confused.  She flug open one of the doors and the look in her eye got even crazier!  So I grabbed her hand and we ran to the restroom in the front of the store, the whole time her screaming "I have to pee pee!!".  We made it to the bathroom in time.  Then when I got done paying I looked down at Savannah (who was messing with toys in that impulse buy section right by the register) and she whispered "I pooped".  "What?" "I pooped in my underwear".
I knew I didnt have any wipes in the car so I bought some hand sanitizer wipes that were right there and walked Savannah to the car where we could clean her up.  On the way to the car she pulled her dress up and showed me that she had poop running down the backs of both her legs.  I said "RUN Savannah!" and we ran the rest of the way to the car.  There i proceeded to lay her in the back of my SUV and clean her up. It was sick.

- A few days later we were at a graduation open house.  Savannah was downstairs playing with some other kids and Travis was talking so I ran up to get some food for us.  When I returned I found Savannah's wet pants and underwear in a pile next to a wet spot in the carpet at the bottom of the stairs and my daughter running around bare butted.  Just then a whole bunch of people from church decided to leave so they all passed me standing there with wet pants in hand. Uhg.  Plus I had to get help from the people who's house it was...embarrassing much?

-Today we were at a park, with no bathroom mind you.  Savannah looked up at me and told me she had to go potty.  I looked around trying to figure out what to do and she said "I pooped".  I had my mom's car (mine was in the shop), so I didn't have the normal change of clothes, wipes, and extra diapers with me so I rummaged through my mom's car and found some Windex wipes.  Yep - used them to clean her up, then threw away the underpants at the park.  Savannah didn't mind that much.  She had a dress on so I'm sure the breeze felt nice.  A few minutes later Savannah comes over and tells me she has to pee.  I was talking with a friend and there really was no near by bathroom so I just took her over to a tree and had her squat.  There was no one around.  Then I brought her over the the drinking fountain and splashed her off.  You'd think this was enough, but no.  THEN, a few minutes later she comes over and tells me she has to poop again.  We were going to be leaving soon so I just told her to hold it.   I have never really tried that with her before.  (let's not forget, she's wearing a dress with no pants or underwear).  I sent her to play and a few minutes later spotted her in the grass, squatting and pushing.  I hollered at her, ran to get the Windex wipes, and cleaned her up again.  Then, sent her to play.  I had just sat down when she called me over to see a turd she had left in the wood chips.  So, again, got some Windex wipes and cleaned it up.

Like I said, every accident she has becomes and incident.  I need a day off!


the crawfords

Ok, here's a story for ya to make you feel better.
When Caedmon was about her age he used to go pee in grandpa and grandma's backyard a lot. gotta love boys! well, one time I looked out the window at him stand in their backyard, pants around is ankles, and a big poop hanging from his butt. i immediately ran out the door yelling very loudly, "Caedmon, you can't go poop outside, only pee!!!" Right after yelling this I looked up and there were people walking by.


Wendy, You're a few steps ahead, so I can't really do the whole... "When my timmy was little" thing. But I can say THANK YOU for your honest stories! I will know I'm not alone, or that my girl is nuts, when we get to that stage. Keep up the good work Wendy!


I wish you could see me laughing right now.... this is hysterical. I am here all summer so if you need a babysitter so you can have a day off, I am a phone call away!


I don't have pee/poop stories from when our kids were younger. My stories are mostly about behavior which I won't get into and still struggle with what's me and what's them... So when you get to school age if you post stories about any of that stuff, I'll add my 2 cents. But we'll hope the wild and crazy stories are mostly over by then. ;) Anne

Saved by grace

I found your blog and all I can say is that my little girl is exactly like your Savannah! She is not quite two yet and still wears a diaper but I am positive that I will have plenty of stories in a few years!!!

Keep the stories coming! I need all the support I can get for my spunky, crazy, stubborn little miss!


wendy, just a couple weeks ago, atticus peed his pants at the dentist, so i pretended like i tried to take him to the bathroom in time (even though it was too late) then just put him back in his pee-pants since we didn't have a change of clothes with us, and let him walk around with his wet pants while i was pretending to be all hygienic by getting my teeth cleaned.

it's frustrating for me sometimes when he goes for really good, long stretches without an accident, and i start getting all confident, then he really regresses. not sure if that's the same for you, but it's discouraging for me sometimes.

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