Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Back to PLAYING!!! (it was my intent that "playing" come across in a lysp)

Now that everyone around here is back to school, it has left a little more time for us to hit up the parks and play!  I can't believe the Savannah even has friends in school now!  Twice in the last week I had to tell my baby pumpkin pie that the friend she wanted to play with was in school.  

I took this one (maybe a little too early in the year) as a comparison to the picture that was at the top of my blog. Savannah has gotten so much bigger and stronger.

Here she is at the Roosevelt School playground explaining to me why I can't start counting for hide and  seek yet.  Let me just say, I am REALLY good at hide and seek at Roosevelt.  Try and find me there, I dare you.....

Here's Savannah with my her friend Elise - who happens to be my childhood friend, Meghan's daughter.  (Meghan Ritts for those old timey readers). I was going to wait to post this until I had a picture of Meghan and I together to post next to it because both of these darlings look JUST like their Mommas.  Maybe my mom can help me out with that.

Here Savannah is explaining to me how to ride on the Fire Fighter Fruck - Yeah, when she says it out loud it definitely sounds like a cuss word cause she doesn't really pronounce the "r" in fruck.  She'll get there.  


jessica kiehn

she IS getting so big. She is so full of life, I can just see it in the pics. Are you homeschooling her?


Wendy, it is surreal to see Savannah and Elise standing next to each other!!!

Wow....I cannot imagine in high school seeing both my friend's daughters just hangin out.

Very, very sweet.

Makes me miss Ames.

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