Monday, September 26, 2011

Wedding, Princess, and how my family deals

We were graciously invited to the wedding of Sarah Taylor and Preston Smith last weekend.  I thought Savannah would probably love it because she hasn't been to a wedding in over a year and she really loves princesses and weddings right now.  

This is kind of out of order, but this picture below is of Savannah's face when Sarah came out in her beautiful wedding dress for the first time.  We were in the back row so Sav got a good first look!  She did really love seeing a "real princess wedding"!

I didn't know how Savannah would do so I brought some stuff for her to do - Travis totally hijacked her Pony coloring book.   So Travis colored during the entire ceremony, Savannah crawled around on the floor and I .. I'd like to say I listened attentively, but I ate the snacks I brought for Savannah.  What is with us?  None of the three of us can just sit patiently and listen.  :)

Turns out the Pierces are not the only people who zone out during fancy things - I got this pretty awesome picture of Stan during some of the speeches at the reception.  We were waiting for dinner and could smell it in other room - you can almost see the drool forming in the corner of his lip. Anyway, it gave us another distraction to amuse ourselves with since you know we weren't paying attention to the speeches.  We're the worst.  What can I say?


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