Thursday, September 8, 2011

Clutter or Multi-taskers?

If you had a snapshot of my everyday life you would probably think that we live with a lot of clutter.  Actually, you kinda do have a snapshot of it if you look on here regularly.... but we're gonna get even more real here.  

Example one: So, Sav doesn't have a shirt on here because she just got out of the pool.  But we're making pizza dough, and coffee, and fishing for goldfish with peanut butter, and you can see the kleenex box hanging there - that's to keep it out of our way.  Also the pot hanging there full of pens, coupons, and the check book.  You can see just a little of the ipod dock there too.  And that white thing on the wall, it has cork board in it - if I'm awesome then i pin my recipe in there and get going.  Cooking, eating relaxing, paying bills, dancing, singing, playing, coloring, many things happening here.  It's how we roll. 

Here's proof Savannah is catching on.  We were getting ready to go for a run (a ride for her) and she brought - a snack, her "ipod", a drink, some make up, make up brushes, plastic bowls and lids, and her cell phone.  What you cannot see is my cell phone, i pod, memory verses and water.  All in the stroller. We're gettin it all done!

This right here is our all in one family scheduler, ice chest, alphabet and spanish learning center, and dress up play zone.  Whateves...


jessica kiehn

hey, whatever works for your family!

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