Thursday, September 1, 2011

Tubes Time

It's happening.  
After a summer long battle with the fluid in Savannah's middle ear, we finally decided to go ahead and get tubes put in.  Savannah has had a lot of the same awful trouble with her ears that I had as a child.  I guess I passed on my under - developed Eustachian tubes (see diagram ).  When she was nearly two she had had an ear infection almost once a month.  We were talking about going for the tubes then, but I decided to take her to a Chiropractor first (We see Dr. Rod).  He cracked her a few times and when I took her back to get her ears checked, they were all clear.  Since then I have continued to take her regularly and we have had far far less ear issues.  Then in June she got a cold and an ear infection and middle ear fluid.  The same "thick yellow junk" (as the doctors call it) has been holding up in there all summer long.  I guess she's having some hearing issues that could also be attributed to this.  So September 15th my baby girl is going under the knife!  I'm okay with it - a little bummed, but since I myself remember the experience so much from my childhood, it doesn't bother me.  Travis is not as confident as I am.  He's just overall a more compassionate person though :)

Another thing to mention here, along with the Chiropractic stuff, is that I started giving Savannah children's Probiotics everyday about a month ago.  We were seeing if the probiotics could help her ear situation and help us avoid tubes.  I think her ears were too far along to be helped by then.  But about a week after she started taking them I noticed a huge difference in her overall temperament.  She
was easier to deal with, less crabby, and had more energy through out the day.  We didnt get the results we were hoping for with her ears, but I DO think that they helped get other stuff in her insides working better, hence, making her feel awesomer.

I couldn't end this blog with out a good Savannah picture for the road, could I?  By the way, the ear stuff isn't knocking her down!  She's feelin fine!



Sorry to hear about Sav getting tubes! Such a bummer. But I'm happy it's nothing more. :) Annnd thanks for the reminder on the Probiotics. Roman has be a whiny mess for the last, seems like, 6 straight weeks. {driving me bonkers}. I will have to give probiotics a try, asap.

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