Tuesday, September 20, 2011

No More Nuk!

Shhhhh.... Don't tell Savannah yet, because I don't think she realized it - but she just slept ALL NIGHT with out her Pacifier!  And she hasn't asked for it yet today.   You might not realize how big of a deal this is.  She has had her "Cier" during sleep, car rides, and movies since she was 1 month old.  It's been something we've talked to her about over and over again.  We've told her that only babies have them and sometimes she gets brave and says, "I don't need one, I'm a big girl" but that last minute at bed time I've heard her say "Daddy, I'm still a little little and I need it".  

A couple weeks ago I started cutting a sliver off the end of it ever couple of days.  When she noticed it had a big hole in the end I told her that she could keep it or throw it away....she didn't like the hole, but she choose to keep it.  She hasn't mentioned that the hole keeps getting bigger.

But last night she did it!  "Cier" free!  We'll see....... 


jessica kiehn

Way to go Sav!!

I cracked up at your comment, Wendy. We need to trade places! Me in Iowa, you in AR.
Nah...it's a honoring place to be. To be tested in what you believe and stand for it regardless.

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