Thursday, September 15, 2011

Surgery Day is here!

Savannah got tubes put in her ears today.  We decided to make a big deal about it, so I've been calling it "Surgery Day".  I knew that she wasn't really going to have any on going pain today so I figured we could easily turn whatever uneasy times she had into some good fun!  Here's the run down: 

5:45am - We wake up.  Still dark outside.  We make a big deal about all of us getting up before the sun and how silly and fun that is.  Savannah wears PJs to the hospital.  Glad I did that because they let her just keep her own jammies on instead of wearing a hospital gown.  

She seems pretty good with it all - huh? 

Oh, and she brought these McDonalds coupons so that she could "try and see how much pop she could get" - I have no idea where she got that, but it was cute. 

6am - Check in at hospital.  We had to meet with a business person to sign the papers agreeing to pay for the deal.  We have really good insurance because Travis works for the state, so no biggy.  Savannah got her Surgery Day bracelet that had her own name on it!! (aka, a hospital band)

6:15am - We get a room.  Savannah got all checked out, made friends with the nurse, and they even gave her a little stuffed animal!!  I was impressed.  It was waiting on her bed.  It's a super nice, super soft little raccoon.  She loves it.  We named it Brave.  

I tried to get a picture of it, but she wouldn't take her arms off it!  

6:45 - 7:30am - Got a little long.  We watched cartoons in the room.  Savannah was tired, but then started getting bored.  Maybe a little nervous too.  But we made it!  And a nurse came and got us right at 7:30am. 

7:30am - Roll Savannah in her bed to a PreOP room.  It looked like an operating room.  All kinda of doctors and nurses back there.  Through a looooong white hallway, past two double doors, curtains, IV cords, machines.. it was a little weird.   That's where the Doctor and the Anastasiologist ( I have no idea how to really spell that) talked to Travis and I.  They let Savannah color during that time, they gave her a little hair net to wear, gave her raccoon a hair net, gave mommy a hair net, and gave Savannah a handful of stickers.  That was when she changed her mind.  She wanted to go home now.  She kinda started to cry and whine but we told her how brave she was and that we'd see her in a few minutes after she made some new friends.  She bucked up, and quietly played with her stickers as they rolled her away.  No crying.  

7:50am - Travis gets us coffee.  I read an Ikea catalog.  

8:10am - The Doctor comes in to tell us that it went fine and that it was good we did this.  He said he sucked out tons of yellow thick snotty stuff that had probably been there a long time and that she'd probably be sensitive to sound for a little while.  As he was talking, a nurse brought her in.  It was supposed to take her at least 20 minutes to wake up, but our resilient little girl wouldn't wait no 20 minutes to see her mommy!  She was a little out of it, but had MORE stickers in hand.  And we gave her a stuffed Pony for being so brave.  

Notice all the stickers all over her shirt.  This is how she came back to us :) 

8:35 - We leave the hospital.  Savannah is totally fine.  Wants me to sit by her in the car, but is looking forward to the rest of Surgery Day - which includes popsicles or ice cream at will, a happy meal for lunch, and presents from Grandma and Grandpa!  

 Showing us how a cat walks because she's wearing her hat that has cat ears.  

My mom went crazy with the Surgery Day presents!  Dress up dolls, sticker books, magic wand, cheetos, rice crispies, animal crackers.....

I really thought she would sleep all day but she didn't.  I laid her down for a nap at 1:30pm, but she wasn't even acting tired at all.  I think she IS asleep now though.  She hasn't demonstrated that she's in any pain at all.  In fact, she's been super fun and happy and playful!  



Yay Savannah!! Such a big girl!

sarah h.

Aw, MAN, wish I got a Surgery Day! Good job, Savannah!

jessica kiehn

this is so sweet. I had tears in my eyes. You guys handled it all so awesome. Way to go Mom and Dad. And way to go Savannah! You ornery, spirited little sweetheart. I would be over the top hugging her if I saw her in person right now!

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