Thursday, September 22, 2011

tongue spoon ouch x2

I put the word "Tongue" into google image and let me tell you, some WEIRD stuff came up.  Trust me - dont do it.... on with the story. 
So here's the story of how I did like 3 really dumb things all at once last night. 
So I had something from earlier in the day weighing on my mind.  That got it all goin.  I started boiling some oil on the stove for this stuff I was going to make called Death by Garlic.  I looove Garlic. I left the kitchen and went in the other room and then forgot about the oil and started thinking about my preoccupation.  When I came back in the kitchen the entire down stairs was filled with smoke.  No fire, just smoke.  Then Savannah walks in and starts coughing all over the place so I try to get her and the smoke out of the house! 

Come back in, the oil is off the heat, but still really really hot so I throw in garlic and some spices.  Then I stir the stuff in the oven.  Then I think "I wonder if that was enough salt in in the garlic" so I take my metal spoon, dip it in the previously boiling over oil pan and LICK it.  Yes, it hurt!  I burned my tongue so bad!  I realized how dumb this was and I think I might have even called myself a retard and shook my head at myself.  

Then I went to the freezer for some relief.  No ice.  What else can I use...Oh - there's a frozen spoon in here that I was going to put on a bug bite - That's cold, right?  Yeah. It was cold alright.  So I grabbed the spoon and no sooner did I stick it to my tongue as I remembered that scene from A Christmas Story so I PULL IT OFF!  What was I thinking!??  The entire top layer of my tongue did come off on to the spoon.  It was sick.  

After all this, of course I never did eat dinner. Had to rush out the door to make it to Escape.  Travis brought me a milkshake, which was great at the time but gave me a stomach ache soon after.  I had a pounding headache all night from the above mentioned scenario.  Crazy how just a few minutes of absolute chaos can ruin the next 5 hours of your life.  And I'm still suffering from it today.  Ehck. 

Here's a little Savannah picture that I may or may not have posted before.  It was cute.  Thought it might balance out the sickness and dumbness of my tongue story!


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