Monday, April 16, 2012

Blogger Problem

So I'm trying to change my header to this picture and blogger says I've "exceeded my limit" in how many images I can upload.  Anyone had that problem?  It says I need to purchase more storage, but I refuse to believe that in this day and age of free internet tools that I have to pay to blog - so shoot - ideas?


Bethany Sines Photography

The photo storage that blogger uses is called 'Picasa Web Albums". Google it and sign in and it will show you all the pictures you've ever uploaded to your blog. If i were you I would go and delete all those photos you've used for previous headers so you have more storage space without deleting pictures that you still want in your posts. It was frustrating for me to figure this out via trial and error.

Bethany Sines Photography

so you're right, you don't need to buy more storage, but you will need to go back and weed through any old photos so you have more storage available. so delete any multiple pictures, stuff like that. A lot of my friends make new blogs every couple years for this very reason. They take their blog from each year and make it into a hard back book. I don't remember where online they go to do it, but I've seen them and they are just awesome.

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