Monday, April 9, 2012

Savannah Fannah's

Savannah had three good moments today that I wanted to share.

1. We went to the Dr today and she had to give a urine sample.  I had to work with her on it for 20 minutes.  Singing songs, getting drinks of water, washing her hands...the whole bit.  Then later today she hollered at me from the bathroom at home to show me that she had caught all the urine we could need in her tooth brush cup.  Yaaay.

2. Tonight when Travis put her to bed, first she sang him the Barbie song she'd made up - then when she kept on talking about it Travis told her to "zip her lip".  She likes to pretend there's a real zipper there and zip it up.  It's usually a good way to quiet her down.  Tonight she "zipped" it half way and told him her zipper is broken.

3. Travis was coaching Savannah on good sportsmanship today - her take away was "When I win you say good job Savannah.  And when you win, I will cry."


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