Wednesday, April 4, 2012

What's out of place in this picture?

Here's a fun little game - what is out of place in this picture?  
You kinda have to know us to get it right - 
1. Savannah is wearing a velvet leopard print leotard at church.  You can bet that Travis got her dressed that day and brought her out alone.  Sheesh.  
2. Savannah is LINING THING UP!  This girl hardly ever stacks things (like blocks and things) and she NEVER lines things up in a row.  This is  a pretty huge deal that our little whirl wind sat down, sorted the cars from the helicopters, and then placed them in a line.  


Eric Crawford

3. The open electrical outlet protruding from the wall ready to kill whatever kid decides to put their finger in it, or lick it.

I choose 3.

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