Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Four little monkeys

Four little moneys, sitting on the bridge.  
This is Savannah's "preschool" class.  I got to have all the stinkers two weeks in a row and it was pretty fun.  We've been doing this preschool co-op thing all year and it's actually been really great!  At first I didn't have any idea how this was going to work out or what I would do with four 3 year olds for two hours!  So if you're thinking about it - do it!  It has been a huge blessing for me and Savannah.  

I don't know how the other mom's do it when it's their days, but here's how we roll at Pierce Early Education: 
20 minutes free play in Savannah's room
5 minutes talking about the letter of the day and coloring a worksheet form google image
15 minutes doing a craft with the letter of the day
10 minutes games (kicking, yelling, running, jumping...all good things) 
10 minutes songs ( I pick 3 then take requests) 
5 minutes personal reading (i get lots of books on our topic of the day and let the kids look at them by themselves)
10 minutes story time (I read a couple books about the topic of the day)
10 minutes doing something with the topic of the day
10 minutes watching videos on youtube about the topic of the day
FREE PLAY till moms come.  

The library books and google searches really get me going on ideas.  Sometimes I just search "jungle crafts letter J" (or something like that) and I get all the inspiration I need. 

This day we did a relay.  They took turns running stuffed animals from one basket to another.  Then they tagged the next person in.  It was really fun - until one kid got attached to the animal he was supposed to drop off...then they were all attached and we had to just cuddle with the animals.  

Thanks other moms for teaching my girl!  This has been a great experience!


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