Sunday, April 8, 2012

Things we cant live without Spring 2012

Another a popular THINGS WE CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT headed your way! 
Spring 2012

There are several things that we are loving around here lately, but fewer Name Brands than normal.  Just interests and general loves. 

First to hit up my list - Anchors.  I have "always" loved them.  I first remember loving anchors at the Museum of Martyrs in Tulsa - I learned there that like the Jesus Fish, first generation Christians used anchors drawn in the sand to point people to where their meetings were.  After that I realized how much I love them because I love water and boats and things - thanks to my parents always taking me on the lake.  Anyway - We have this giant on on our wall in the "seasonal" frame.  I also have some necklaces and things.  I don't think I could have too many anchors.  

Another thing I have been excited about lately is earrings.  I know it sounds weird and shallow - but for some reason I have really developed this love for (mostly big and shiny) earrings and I wear them almost every day. Even when I go running.  Also tacky bracelets.  

This one is all on Travis - but unfortunately, I have started adapting.  
Protein.  All things protein.  Travis started a few months ago on a low carb high protein diet.  He's not super duper strict about it, but he has asked for us to not have super carby foods for dinner. He downs protein shakes like it's his side job.  He eats chicken wings for lunch and cottage cheese for snack.  Last week I bought some turkey sticks from Fareway for Savannah and Travis, but ended up eating almost the entire bag by myself.  We can't live without protein...i think that's actually a fact. 

It's my fav.  It's no secret that I love blonde things (hair, the paint color from SW, singers...) but for real, you have to try the blonde roast.  It's so so good.  I've even started bringing my own coffee to places I can get free coffee (like church  or people's houses) because I love it.  So try it - or better yet - get me some more!


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