Sunday, April 8, 2012

Spring break 2012

Party! We are getting crazy around here!  Travis is on spring break and we are living it up!

Monday: This is what happens when someone says "yeah, we can just walk to the grocery store - we aren't getting THAT much stuff"

Tuesday: Don't you love Savannah's nack for combining patterns? Me too. (outside the library). 

Friday Savannah and I stopped by Travis' workout.  It was fun to see her run around and try to exercise   with him.  We want to promote health. 

Other activities from the week: Our whole family went to Bickford Cottage (a retirement home), we went to Des Moines to see some good friends and take Travis to his first trip to Trader Joes,  and Travis got more of his summer school stuff at ISU figured out.  Pretty laid back - and pretty good! 


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