Sunday, April 8, 2012

The tomb was empty!!!

We started celebrating Easter early this year.  We did an Easter countdown (click here to see all the details of what we did).  Travis and I both agree that it made Easter unexpectedly more meaningful this year for us and it was really fun to do every day with Savannah.  
Last night we buried an egg with a strip of paper in it.  The paper listed how Savannah would have felt if she had seen Jesus die  - "Sad and afraid because I want Jesus to keep me safe". 
Today we dug the egg up and guess what!?  The egg (tomb) was empty!!!!

Since Jesus didn't say buried, he could take all her sadness and fears with him!  That could have been Easter said and done for me.  But it wasn't!  :) 

We gave Savannah a little Easter basket (yes, we are going with the Easter Bunny story this year) - then we all got ready for church.  Here's my girl getting ready to go to her class. 

This is a little out of order, but here's Savannah on the way to church. She said she felt good and looked good because "Jesus is risen, and I have lip stick on". 

 Cornerstone was amazing today.  There was a drama - like a slam poem with action behind it.  It was all scripture.  We really enjoyed it.  I can't put right words to it, so if I post it later, please watch it.  Jesus really did it all for us.  His death for our life.  Why would he do that?  Because He IS the RESCUER! 

We hit up my parent's house for some mmmm mmmm good lunch and quality time. 

We asked Alex and Charissa (The future Registers) to join us for lunch since their families were out of town.  That was really fun.  We've had so many lunches with the 5 of us (me, Travis, Savannah, my Mom and Dad) - I felt blessed to be able to share the food, love and fun we have.  Especially with them. 

Then we finally let Savannah look for eggs.  She and Alex are new friends, so she let him help her.  And she shared and egg that she'd found with each of us!  What 3 year old does that? 

After she found the eggs she went in and found a bowl to dump all the candy into.  I remember always doing that too.  You have to see what your inventory looks like before you start eating so you know how to pace yourself :) 

Easter is my favorite holiday.  
I love what we celebrate on Easter. 
I love spring weather and spring colors. 
I love ham. 
I love our family - both here and far away. 
I love what Jesus did for me. 


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