Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Could this get me arrested?

So we had a pretty fun day so far.  We were going to hang out with some friends, but they got sick last minute, which left Sav and I with a morning to fill.  It's super nice out finally, so we borrowed a jogging stroller and went out for a run.  I'm going to be keeping my eye out for a cheap jogging stroller now that I know Savannah can sit and ride for a full 25 minutes.  Then we played at a park, then in the back yard.  While I was making lunch (a frozen pizza and strawberries) I happen to have my camera handy to catch a couple classic moments:

So I heard all kinds of noises, like hard working, struggling noises coming from outside, or somewhere close by inside and couldn't figure it out. Then I looked behind the kitchen door to see this - 

She had crawled up the little ramp outside and into the dog door.  I've told her several times not to go OUT the door, but I guess we never addressed if she could come in it. 

Then about 5 minutes later I looked out and saw this happening -
Travis must have left a pipe laying around or something.  Let's just hope that none of the neighbors saw. What am I saying?  If they wanted to report us, they would have already had plenty of chances!  But really, could this get me arrested?  (I did take it away, right after I took a picture, and asked Travis to have a talk with her).


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