Wednesday, February 15, 2012


I know I've mentioned before some of the handmade things around our house.  Today I was just thinking again of how thankful I am of the gift and talents of others. 

Here's some patch work things I brought home from Panama.  My mom matted and framed them more me. 

Once I mentioned to my dad that we'd like a rack for our snowboards some day.  The next day I came home and this was on the wall. 

Then I started thinking about the rooms in our house.  We have really hardly purchased any furniture ever!  In our living room - one chair is from my parent's house, one from the Farner's.  Dinning room - Table from the Farner's, chairs from the curb and from the Iowa State sale.  Bed room - Bed from my uncle, table and dresser from my parent's house, chair from the curb, chest from Travis' grandparent's, and another dresser from a friend's mom.  I could go on.  Seriously.  I love it!  All we really own of our own is a couch, some lamps, and and end table!  Much Appreciation!


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