Wednesday, February 29, 2012


I just realized I never posted this - sorry~ 

We took Savannah to the dentist last week.  She did great.  We usually have her brush her teeth before bed, but it's been kind of a struggle sometimes.  A friend gave her an awesome tooth brush for her birthday that blinks for a minute so she knows how long to brush.  That's totally helped.  Anyway, she loved the dentist. 
 Here's the eating room.  We had to wait in there a while and then Savannah had to sit in the corner and watch me get my teeth X-rayed, cleaned, and checked over.  She did awesome waiting. 

They counted her teeth and then asked if she wanted to get her teeth polished like Momma and she said "YES".  She hopped right into the chair and did everything they asked. 

They gave her cool sunglasses so that their light didn't shine in her eyes.  You know she loved that!

Savannah was such a good girl.  She loved it and she did great.  Kept her mouth open while they cleaned and flossed each tooth!
Since her visit to the dentist Savannah has been loving brushing her teeth all the time.  It's great.  


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