Monday, February 6, 2012

Memory Monday #6

I wrote a title for this one: My Prayer to be a good friend.  This would have been written the summer after graduation.  I love that although my longing for true friendship had stuck with me - the answer to it had so changed!

Dear Abba,
Thank You Father for your love.  Thank You for holding my heart and loving and understanding me when no one else will.  I know that friends can't be perfect, Lord, but sometimes it feels like they don't even care.  My existence is meaningless to them and my presence no more than a flies.  Yet, I keep going back for more.  Keep loving and getting nothing.  You are my only real joy.  Thank You for letting me know that you hold me close to your heart, you long for our conversations, you listen and love it it seems no on else will.  Please don't let me treat those I care about the wrong way.  Help me to see other's needs and put them ahead of my own.  I love you Lord.  Thank You for Jesus who died and covered my debt.

Who hasn't felt this way?  Really? I look at this and hear the words of sooo many young girls that have confessed the same feelings of neglect to me about their own relationships.
  I wish I could say that this prayer had been completely answered.  I am thankful that even from the age of 18 God had been teaching me that He is the only one that will never ever let me down.  I am encouraged to see that he was speaking to the needs of my heart.  What a good and faithful God we have.  I am also encouraged that by no work of my own, He later provided me with amazing friends that let me know the value I hold to them and that I rarely have to go back to this place.


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