Monday, February 20, 2012

Butterfly Buddies

Savannah and I had been sick and cooped up in the house for a few days when Katie and Eisley invite us to hit up the butterfly garden!  It was a whopping $8 (for just me, kids are free) to get in but I think it might have been worth while to get out and have something to do that didn't involve running or getting your hands all over other kids toys.  

Savannah and Eisley both had fun figuring out how to use magna-fine  glasses.  

I took a picture of this because it was literally how Katie and I spent almost the entire time. 
"oh come on, look over here.  Please?"

Confession Session: This butterfly was actually dead and I told Savannah to hold it so we could take her picture holding a butterfly. 

Me: "Savannah, don't pick those flowers over there. "
Savannah: Runs away around the corner where I can't see her.
Me: "Savannah, what are you doing? Are you picking flowers?"
Savannah: See above picture. 

What do you think she was doing?

Love these girls.  Oh the things little Eisley will learn from Savannah. 

$8 worth of priceless photo ops - that's for sure!



i love savannah's boots!! yeehaw!

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