Monday, February 20, 2012

Going Dark.

Please Pass the Pierces may be going dark for a little while.  
Today we took Savannah to the dentist for the first time and to reward her we took her to BK. While we were ordering food Savannah ran off and I found her sitting on the toilet in the bathroom.  She asked me to wipe her, so I did.  In the process my camera fell out of my purse and into the pee toilet at BK!  What are the chances?  Seriously.  
Yes, I reached in to get it out right away, but even though it's been sitting in rice all day, I'm not too hopeful that the camera will be salvaged.  

I have a few pictures of things that I haven't posted yet - but really, what's a blog without pictures.  So once I get those ones up we will be out of print until I can afford either an iPhone or a camera. So maybe this summer.... :) I don't know.  It's been good while it lasted.  
(maybe this is a little dramatic - but it's also a little true :) )



NONONONONONONONONONONONONONONONONO! Hey, Ben has an old (read: I'd be happy to give it away) camera! It might be at his dad's house....but if it helps keep the blog going....! :) - Rach

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