Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Get outta my belly!

And we're light again!
My friend Leann couldn't stand to see my blog off the radar for too long so she graciously let me use her daughter's old camera - which happens to be fully functioning and exactly the same as my broken one.  THANK LEANN! (insert cheesy smile face)

Today our friend Katie volunteered to watch Savannah and two other friends so that I could take their very pregnant momma out to lunch!  So big thanks to Katie and big GOOD LUCK to Laura.  Her baby's due date was Saturday, so she's 4 days past today.  I hope this is the last photo op she has before this kid comes - I hope this kid comes today!  
But look how happy she is :) 


jessica kiehn

i'd be that happy driving a Honda Odyssey too!
She looks great:)

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