Thursday, January 5, 2012

Nanana Norwex

I feel like I'm always selling stuff on my blog.  But really, when something works I think it's well worth the promo!  
My latest love is this: Norwex. 

It's just a wash cloth. 
This puppy is antibacterial and will clean N-E-THANG with just the cloth and some water.  No cleaning products required.  Let me list the things that I've clean and disinfected with my Norwex "envirocloth": 

MY FACE! - Yes, Just the cloth and water and my face was clean.  Like, really clean.  Make up off and all.  And I thought it would dry my face out, but no.  Exfoliated, clean, and awesome.  (I'd recommend a cloth JUST for your face though and a separate for cleaning everything else)

MY KITCHEN - Everything.  Walls.  Counters.  Floors.  Fridge.  Oven door.  Mircrowave.  Sink.  All disinfected and good to do with just the cloth and water. 

MY CARPET - There are always weird stains on the carpet in Savannah's room.  I seriously don't know what she's doing in there.  But I normally would result to carpet cleaner, then oxy clean, then a bowl of water, then a sham wow, more water, more sham wow...uhg!  But now - just the cloth and water!  I'm serious. Stains eliminated! 

MY WINDOW - Again, just the water.  No windex.  And no streaks!

MY CAR -  Stains on the seats and the entire interior.  CLLLEAN! 

Okay, I could go on and on.  I'm not even a clean freak or the kind of person that cares that much about disinfecting things.  But when it takes no effort and I can feel like a rock star mom / wife - why not!  
And watch out, because I am totally having  Norwex party (it's one of those products you have parties for at your house) and you are ALL going to be invited!  
(they have other products too for floors, laundry, kitchen..but I just have the one thing.  Check it out if you want.


jessica kiehn

i want one!!
clicked on your ads, by the way:)


I l.o.v.e. Norwex - it's a wonder product! I got the mop for Christmas and it's been simply ah-mazing! - Rachel N.

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