Wednesday, January 18, 2012

tv, toddlers, and too much to handle

Travis had Monday off to celebrate being black so he got to stay home with Savannah all morning while I did my normal Monday meeting stuff.  Turns out staying home with daddy means lots of "show watching" and a visit to the free bounce house, followed by getting candy at the gas station, and more tv.  At the end of the day I added up Savannah's tv time and she had watched over 7 hours of tv!  I pointed out to Travis that is was obvious by the glaze on her eyes and the stare on her face that she'd been over loaded, but I had to take this picture for future proof.  

We went to play pals the other day and some good friends, Katie and Eisley, just happened to have the same idea that day!  This is funny because Katie's pretty preggo but still getting in there to play with her kiddo.  Good job momma!

Savannah had me take this one earlier today.  She also asked me to dry her hair, open her lip gloss, get her dress down, and grab her umbrella for the picture.  Are we in trouble?  I may have let her go a little over board for a 9 am photo shoot in the kitchen.   


jessica kiehn

hilarious! how did she end up so girly?!

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