Monday, January 30, 2012

random tips

So here's some things I would pin - but I already do them so I don't need to remember them on Pinterest.  (I'm not really all into pinning my own stuff yet)
Just helpful or whatever things that we Pierces do and love. 

Fun stuff in the garbage disposal.
I got into a real vinegar kick a while back.  I still use it for a lot of stuff - but one really fun thing I do sometimes is freeze it in ice cube trays, then throw the frozen vinegar cubes in the garbage disposal!  Turn it on with no water and it cleans out all the germs and odors that build up down there.  Also, my friend Katie said she does the same thing with orange peels and it freshens the smell of her entire kitchen.  I tried it the other night with some left over lemon peel and a cinnamon stick from a Hot Toddy - that worked too!  

Frozen pancakes and glass of water. 
I used to get frozen waffles for Savannah to eat for breakfast.  I mean, who REALLY wants to slave over a hot stove at 7am?  Then one day I realized I could just make my own waffles (which ended up being pancakes because they're easier) and freeze them myself.  So now once a week I whip up a batch of pancake mix (which includes flax seed, some kind of fruit, and usually some mini chocolate chips), cook it all up, and eat 2 that day and freeze the rest. Then in the morning I just pop one pancake in the microwave with a glass of water and nuke them for 1 minute.  With the water n there the pancakes are fluffy and light and not dry and chewy.  This has saved me so much effort! 

The Frame
This summer while I was at church one of the pastors was talking about how we should always remember to tell our children about all that God has done so that the next generation will know and be able to tell the stories.  I got this idea to get a frame and let Savannah decorate it in a way that would make it hers and exciting.  Then every week (or month, or when we get around to it) we put something new in the frame that tells about something God has done.  We started with "God Made Savannah" and I let Savannah color the words.  We've also had "God Made Poppy", "God Healed Daddy's Body" and all kinds of stuff.  We tell Sav the story of whatever it was and make sure she gets it.  Then we hang the frame at the top of our stairs at her eye level.  I try to talk to her about it at least once a day.  It's especially fun when she recounts stories of things God did before her time. 

This particular picture is about how Travis used to have crippling arthritis - like couldn't even get out of bed or write his name some days.  He was really sick and hurting really badly and God used doctors and medicine to perform miracles and heal him so now he can play and run with Savannah!  We are so thankful!


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