Friday, January 13, 2012

Prodigal God

I finished another book!  Good job me!
This is a huge accomplishment because I have, as long as I can remember, despised reading.  I don't know why.  My mom did all the right things.  She read to me at bed time every single night (this is a little embarrassing) until I was like 13!  It's not like there was no value on reading in our home - I just have always had too much to do.  Maybe it's because if you're reading, then you can't really do anything else - and you know how i love to multitask!

So I asked my boss if he would make me finish a book during Christmas break.  And being the kind hearted dude that Joel Vint is, he had me read The Prodigal God by Timothy Keller.

The book is fairly small. It's 160 or so pages, which is actually still a challenge for me to complete.  
It digs into the story of the Prodigal Son - you know, the son that takes his share of his inheritance and goes out and parties it away.  Then when the money runs out he realizes how good he had it and he returns to his father to plead for mercy.  His father takes him back in with no questions asked.  A lot of times the teaching stops there but this book focuses mostly on the response of the older son - he was super upset that the younger son was just forgiven and brought back in when he had been obedient and faithful the entire time.  
I like this part: 
"To truly become Christians we must also repent of the reasons we we ever did anything right.  Pharisees only repent of their sins, but Christians repent for the very roots of their righteousness, too.   We must learn how to repent of the sins UNDER all our other sins and under all our righteousness - the sin of seeking to be our own Savior and Lord". 


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