Wednesday, January 25, 2012

and winter shows its ugly face

Winter's coldness finally bought up to us!  Here's the run down on how it's "blessed" us: 
I went out to go to a meeting last week and my car didn't start.  Dead battery.  Luckily my parents live super duper close so my dad came and charged the battery and my mom gave us rides to where we needed to go.  

We have all had awful versions of the same cold for about two weeks now.  Well Monday morning I saw Savannah had light yellow snot coming from her EAR.  It wasn't bothering her at all though.  I took her in to ever faithful Dr. Nau and we're on antibiotics and ear drops now.  I honestly thought with her tubes that we wouldn't have to deal with this junk this year.  But at least it's not hurting her. 

Savannah COULD NOT WAIT for it to snow enough for a snowman - but it still hasn't really.  Since I don't really love the snow, she had to wait until daddy came home to play in it two nights in a row!  They suited all up and lasted all of about 7 minutes out there.  

Gee winter - so glad you're here!  

But not really. 


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