Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Dad's Karaoke Party!

My dad turned a whopping 53 last week. 
My dad and I have a lot in common, including that we both loved our Karaoke Bar Birthday Parties this year!  

Craig loves it just as much as I do!

This is funny!  Travis backed up and sat right in this woman's lap.  He didn't know her, 
but lucky for him, she's married to my dad's cousin, Randy. 

Here's my dad with one of his friends for life.  I don't know when exactly these guys found one another, but I have seen several pictures of them with hippie hair and clothes, so it was at least in the 70's. 

I guess foosball used to be pretty huge.  My dad and his old high school buddies played all night.  I wonder just how many hours these four have spent in this exact position.  INTENSE. 

And you can't have a Karaoke party post with out some video footage, now can you?
Legend has it that this is the song my dad used to sing to me at bed time. 
Happy Birthday Dad!


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