Monday, January 2, 2012

Memory Monday #3

Just your average high school girl looking for some love.  I have always really really valued relationships. I think that especially since I was an only child, I longed for security in my friend relationships.  My parents were my only constant - and no teenage girl wants that! Sorry mom and dad - the entries get a little rough for the next couple years.....

july 7th, 1997 ( 15 years old)
So anywayz, It's 12am.  I just read all that stuff from before.  What a silly girl I was/am!  My life is good now.  I'm almost 16!  I have good friends, and at the risk of sounding conceded, i'd like to say that I am a very nice/friendly/good person - usually!  I just got back from the Alaskan cruise!  That was fun.  I made so many new friends!  I was actually popular for a while.  I don't know but I think summer is my high time.  I always have more friends and stuff in the summer.  What's up with dat!? I have a boyfriend now - his name is _____.  He's a sweet heart - too sweet sometimes.  Infact - he's a kiss a**.  Know what?  My room is a pit.  I go to bed now - 

I thought about editing this one because of how jerky it is.  But ya know what - that was Wendy minus Jesus so I'm okay with it.  That's how teenagers who don't know Jesus are.  I was really concerned with friends and fitting in.  You'll see that more in future entries.  This was the start of it - or maybe the middle of it.  This was the summer I really started finding trouble in order to be accepted.  That I started being okay with finding trouble in order to be accepted.  And what about that comment about my boyfriend??  I had totally forgotten about that.  I hardly saw him - he went to a different school.  But we had a mutual friend and I probably thought that having a boyfriend would help me feel like I was fitting in better.  Obviously I didn't care too much for him, or his attention.  I read this one knowing that if I can continue to tap into and remember what this day felt like, then I can continue to do youth ministry for years to come.  


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