Thursday, February 2, 2012


Savannah was called a Fashionista 3 times in one day last week.  My her father, by her grandfather, and by some random check out person at the store.  The a couple days later she spend the first 30 minutes of her day crying because she'd tried on 5 dresses and didn't like any of them.


So I made this chart.  It has 3 dresses and pants and a shirt.  She can try on 3 different dresses in one day, then if she still doesn't like what she's wearing, or she complains, I put her in a shirt and pants that I choose.  

So far so good.  It's too early for all this stuff!  Last night she told Travis that she can't eat dinner because it will mess up her lip gloss!  Gah!


jessica kiehn

hahahaha it's just SOO FUNNY because you and travis are NOTHING like this!

The Grout Family

What a great idea! I may have to be using this soon...because my daughter already has an opinion on her clothes and she's not even 2! :P

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